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No matter how careful you may be, even the best pet parents can attest that accidents happen. And when an emergency arises, having the most foolproof method of identification for your pet can prevent additional distress.  

A microchip carrying your contact information can help your dog or cat to be found again if they are ever lost. The chip is embedded under the skin and between the shoulder blades because they are a secure and sturdy area of the body. The implantation of the microchip is pain-free and fast. After the procedure, your pet will bounce back instantly, as there is no recovery involved because it involves no penetration deeper than the epidermis, or skin.

Animal shelters and veterinary practices have special scanners which can read the information from the microchip if the need ever arises. Once they realize your pet has a loving owner looking for him or her, you can expect a call!

Any time your family’s contact information changes (like during a move) it is important to remember to update your pet’s registered microchip information. This way your pet will continue to be protected.

Unlike collars or ID tags, the microchip will stay with your pet always and forever. But, for the most complete security, we recommend that all methods of identification possible (both microchip and ID) are used. Because we hold our pets dear, the fear of being separated from them can be a terrifying thought. Being proactive about your pet’s security is the best option for their safety and your peace of mind.