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New Clients Welcome!

New Client Information

Are you thinking about joining the 5280 Veterinary Care community?  If so, we welcome you to give us a call and schedule your first appointment today. Plus, to thank you for giving our practice a try, veterinary services during your first visit will be $40 off.

We know that when selecting the perfect veterinary practice for both you and your beloved pet, the options can seem overwhelming. Here at 5280 Veterinary Care, we have several attributes that help us stand out from the pack:

    1. Our location in the Whittier neighborhood in North Denver, together with our sister location in Arvada, give you more appointment options for your convenience.
    1. Our brand new, state-of-the-art facility allows us to serve our clients with the most cutting-edge veterinary technology.
    1. Having an in-house diagnostic lab means we can deliver diagnostic services faster,  and the faster you have a diagnosis, the faster treatment can be initiated.
    1. We are able to provide laser surgery at our sister hospital, which is an advanced treatment that can be safer and more effective in many cases.
  1. We put you and your furry friends first! 

Help us get to know you better by filling out a new client form.  They are available in the clinic upon arrival, or to save some time feel free to print it out at home and bring it in with you!

Upon your first visit with us, we will conduct a nose-to-tail physical check-up. We may want to recommend certain vaccinations, prescriptions, or specialized diets, so make sure to bring in your pet’s previous veterinary records for us to take a peek at.

Here are some topics that are typically discussed at a first visit:

    • Complete Wellness Exam
    • Recommended & Required Vaccinations
    • Spay/Neuter
    • Dental Health
    • Diagnostic Tests & Health Screenings
    • Parasite Control & Prevention
    • Microchip Identification
    • Nutrition & Exercise
  • Socialization, Behavior & Training

We can’t wait to meet you!